Pinecone Place Cards

I am so excited about doing this project with my son this year!  I admit I am quite addicted to organizing so I, of course, love place cards and setting the table “just right”.

First, it’s best to pick pinecones that have a flat bottom and are a little wider so that they stand up more easily.

Choose any color to paint your pinecones with, but if you want to keep with the colors of the season, hues or orange and brown with hints of yellow acrylic paint are the best.  If you want a terra cotta mix, try mixing orange and brown acrylic paint.

Using a paintbrush, lightly paint the ends of the pinecone scales and then allow them all to dry. While the pinecones are drying, you can start making your guests’ name tags. Simply stamp their names onto craft paper and cut the paper as you wish.

After the pinecones dry, find a crevice in each pinecone to insert your name tags. You can also matte the name tags onto a piece of cardboard for a sturdier look.

Then place around the table and watch your guests faces light up when they see such a unique and fun place card.



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